Love Letters

  • Rachele from Melbourne, Australia writes…

    {Marina} Seashell Pencil Skirt in Rose

    “Beautiful tailoring and perfect fit!! I already have my eye on some other items from this store!!”

  • Tatiana from Rock Hill, SC writes…

    Custom Silk Pencil Skirt in Turqouise

    “Another beautiful skirt from Alexandra’s able hands, this blue silk is so wonderful and the color is just the prettiest shade of blue ever, the fit is divine, body skimming but not tight. As usual superb customer service and meticulous craft.”

  • Heather from Boston, MA writes…

    {Marina} White Pencil Dress with Ruffles, Wedding Dress

    “I contacted Alexandra nine days before my wedding with an emergency situation: I needed a new dress. She got back to me immediately, and from that moment on, she was there to save the day! She was in constant contact throughout the process of creating the new dress, keeping me informed of progress at every stage. I received the dress just in time, and though I needed some last-minute alterations (likely my fault, from misreading the measurements I had to take of myself) it was beautifully made, and I got TONS of compliments on it!

    Alexandra, I can’t thank you enough for your incredible patience, kindness, skill, and professionalism — you have a CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!!”

  • Tatiana from Rock Hill, SC writes…

    {Marina} Ocean Blue Wave Pencil Skirt

    “This is my skirt number 3 from this shop, do I need to say more?

    In this particular style I have one in blue and another in light pink, can’t say which color I like best,different colors for different “moods”, the blue is bright and fun, the pink is more subdued, chic and delicate, probably the best color for spring while I’m looking very lily white, this style/cut is very very very flattering on, I’m fairly “thin” 27 waist and 35 hips but i think this style skirt would look great on ANY body, mine is a little longer about 25 inches, so it hits me a bit below the knees, very composed and very pretty skirt, that’s for darn sure.

    Just a plain top and you are ready to roll, looking great in a jiffy.
    Wonderful customer service and PERFECT fitting clothes.”

  • Karen from Cardiff, UK writes…

    {Marina} Seashell Pencil Skirt in Rose

    “Wow the skirt looks JUST like it does in the picture – unique and absolutely gorgeous! It is the perfect spring/summertime skirt and I cannot wait to start wearing it out and about. The skirt is so well made to my exact measurements and attention was obviously paid to the tiny details like making sure the zipper and the back clasp was well and securely stitched. I just love the “seashell” pattern. When I put it on, the ruffles seemed to come alive (no hint of drooping there!) and this is exactly what I was hoping for! What a special skirt!

    Now about the service, well Alexandra couldn’t have been kinder, more friendly. I felt really valued as a customer and working with Alexandra just embodies what Etsy is all about! With my skirts, she included a little thank you card with a lovely handwritten note and that was just so sweet and thoughtful! You will never ever ever get such amazing service like this in a store.

    Really, I cannot praise Alexandra, her talents, her amazing service and her skirts highly enough!”

  • Tatiana from Rock Hill, SC writes…

    {Broadway} Red Silk Tulip Skirt

    “I could not agree more with the other buyers, I bought 2 skirts from ALEX&RA and the craft and attention to detail is everywhere, the skirts are professionally made and you don’t even have a chance to glimpse a stich out of place.

    ***Attention: for all the very very picky buyers out there, this is the brand for you.****

    To top it off, the skirts look darn really good on, following your curves ever so gently, they are body countouring without being tight, sexy without trying and very very chic, I had mine extended a few more inches to cover my knees, perfect.

    Excellent customer service and fast delivery time.”

  • Tatiana from Rock Hill, SC writes…

    {Marina} Ocean Blue Wave Pencil Skirt

    “**If I was a poet I would write a poem for this skirt**

    This is by far one of the best skirts I ever bought and I am a skirt kind of gal, to begin with the craft is perfect, attention to quality, construction and finish abounds all over this baby, the color is a gorgeous bright blue without being too intense but not your “blue sky variety” either,it’s almost like a Parrish blue (yes the painter), the fit is so alluring and chic and gasp…the skirt is comfortable too, yep,yep,yep

    This skirt without doubt makes you feel and look beautiful, the style is very flattering on, I suspect on any body type.

    I’m buying another one in seashell pink, it’s such a great style, a classic really, I will wear it for years to come.”

  • Amanda from Encino, CA writes…

    {Marina} Black Pencil Dress with Ruffles

    “Thank you so much for your quick service under pressure. The dress is such a beautiful design. Besides the fit, I also love the ruffles and the fabric has an excellent feel. I look forward to wearing it all holiday season-and after, of course.”

  • Victoria from Minneapolis, MN writes…

    {Broadway} Ruffle Mini Skirt

    “Amazing service. Great lightweight piece, fits like a glove! Love the customization and fantabulous communication. Thanks.”

  • Olivia from Modesto, CA writes…

    {Marina} Ocean Blue Side Drape Skirt

    “WOW – this skirt totally blew me away. It’s expertly made and the silk is so exquisite. Further this fits me perfectly and the blue color is very eye catching. I think this is now my favorite skirt in my closet. It is DEFINITELY well worth the money. Also, true to her word the skirt was completed in 7 days (which I appreciate a LOT because I’ve had other sellers who couldn’t deliver in the agreed upon time frame) Thank you so much for this skirt!!”

  • Jessica from New York, NY writes…

    {Broadway} Pencil Skirt with Chevron Pleats

    “I just received this pencil skirt yesterday and can’t wait to wear it. I especially love the very unique pleats that wrap around the front and back. They are very well made with perfectly aligned seams and pressed. I also love how the skirt looks very customized since every one has different vintage looking buttons on them. Overall, it is a great quality item as well and doesn’t look “handmade” (in the bad sense I guess) and it’s so classic looking that I feel like I can wear it for a long time. Can’t wait to bring it out!”

  • Kelly from West Lafayette, IN writes…

    {Marina} Silk Button Down Mini Skirt

    “Thank you so much! It fits perfectly :)”

  • Jill from Fort Wayne, IN writes…

    {Broadway} Ruffle Mini Skirt

    “I love it and the fit is great! Thanks so much!”

  • Joy from Philadelphia, PA writes…

    {Marina} Ocean Blue Side Drape Skirt

    “Thank you! I love it and you made it and shipped so quickly!”

  • Ayelet from Los Angeles, CA writes…

    {Broadway} Ruffle Mini Skirt

    “So lovely. I am really impressed with the fit and attention to little details. Thank you so much Alexandra! I will be back for sure.”

  • Emily from Blue Point, NY writes…

    {Broadway} White Cotton Circle Skirt

    “Thank you so much for this skirt! It is absolutely gorgeous and extremely well made. I can tell how much time you put into it. I definitely plan on buying from you again. The shipping was fast, and you truly care about your customers. Good communication and everything. I loved the little card that came with my skirt. ^^ I plan on wearing it for a shower I have to go to next month. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

  • Black Mini Skirt with Bright Blue Bow

    Vickie from San Francisco, CA writes…

    “Amazing skirt! Fits perfectly, beautifully made, and the cutest design (like nothing I’ve seen in stores)!”

  • Pencil Skirt with Chevron Pleats

    Colette from Madison, WI writes…

    “I *LOVE* this skirt. It fits perfectly, arrived in a hot second, and when I recieved the package it was like opening a Christmas present, which was such a special, thoughtful touch. I love that it’s practically one of a kind and I definitely plan on working with Alex to get special skirt designed just for me:)”

  • Jessica from Boston, MA writes…

    {Broadway} Pencil Skirt with Peplum

    “This is the MOST adorable skirt and fits like a glove! On top of everything, it is so well made. Thank you for everything!”

  • Customers love ALEX&RA..

    Karen from Cardiff, UK writes..

    “Wow the skirt looks JUST like it does in the picture – unique and absolutely gorgeous! It is the perfect spring/summertime skirt and I cannot wait to start wearing it out and about. I just love the “seashell” pattern. When I put it on, the ruffles seemed to come alive (no hint of drooping there!) and this is exactly what I was hoping for! What a special skirt!”